Project History

2016 A Sense of Place:

Kiki and Seton Smith tribute exhibition
Artist’s Conversation with Kiki, Seton, with Lynn Tillman

2015 Art in the Public Eye 3

commission awards for 1 act plays about public art and controversies
SOPAC cosponsored reading MAM cosponsored panel discussion

2014 In Site: Intersection fo Art and Architecture

outdoor sculpture exhibition of 16 artists
panel discussion at SHU: Art and Controversy

2013 Art Party 2

Academic lectures at SHU: Joan Pachner and David Rifkind
lecture: The Impact of Tony Smith Today

2012 first ECLAP grant award to us Art Party in the Park Extrapolation

exhibition co-curated at PGOSO

2009 Tau installation

inclusion in State of the Arts documentary on Smith
Art tours

2006 Gala fundraiser

our giving of our first HS grant award article

2002 birth of LPMAF (and TS project)



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