A Sense of Place

The Pierro Foundation brings A Sense of Place: Kiki and Seton Smith, to South Orange in this tribute exhibition. Sharing the work of two significant artists at the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University in their native hometown presents an expansive world of possibilities to our residents and visitors.

Fundamental to this exhibition is the question How does place impact our sense of self? Kiki’s drawings and prints look to the natural world to understand the relationship between place and identity on a symbolic level. Seton’s large-scale photographs look to the built environment to convey associations by moving within, and navigating through, space. Individually, both artists explore the emotional, psychological, and spiritual realms as a point of departure for understanding the self and the manner in which place becomes a defining characteristic of identity.

A Sense of Place is a collaborative project of the Pierro Foundation and Seton Hall University’s Walsh Gallery. A full color catalogue will be available in digital and print formats.

The Village of South Orange acknowledges the important contribution of Kiki and Seton Smith and welcome them back to their home town with a proclamation at the reception on October 30th.

This project has been partly funded by the Pierro Foundation through private donations, Seton Hall University, the Robert Lehman Foundation, and by the NJSCA through the Essex County Department of Cultural Affairs



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